Compare Our Pricing, and Our Service Quality.

There is a service call charge for all 1st time appointment.

For the Service Call, we send a technician to your home who will look at your appliance and tell you what is wrong.  

He will then tell you what the cost of the repair would be (additional parts & labor) if you choose to fix it. 

If we have to order a special part and return, you do not get charged another service call.


We get calls and emails every day asking-

"Do you have 'free' service call with repair?"


"Is your Service Call charge deducted from the repair cost if I get a repair done?"

Our service call covers the cost to send a tech to your home, diagnose the unit, and do any research needed for parts back at the office.  We do not apply the service charge toward the cost of the repair.  The other companies that claim to 'waive the service call' are only trying to make you believe you are getting a cheaper price.  It is a advertising gimmick to get people who are looking for the lowest price to use their service.

Those appliance repair companies that bait their customers with this advertising method are, for the most part, simply charging a higher repair cost to recover the service charge that they are 'not charging' you.  They are covering their expenses in one way or another.

This business isn't like a roofer or contractor who do large jobs costing thousands of dollars and can afford to give 'free' estimates to a couple people in order to land a big job.

Unfortunately, there are more and more appliance repair companies that are operating this way because they are being forced to.  A lot of home owners who don't know the truth will only look for companies with 'free service call' and call them..  causing the honest companies to loose every day, more and more companies switch to this method to survive.

Our pricing is competitive with all the other repair companies (and often cheaper)  More importantly, - We tell potential customers simply to compare our reviews to the other companies.  A quick Google search will show you that many of the other local companies either have no reviews, or worse- bad reviews.  Our customers experience with us says it all.

Prices are shown on the scheduling software at the time of appointment based on how many appliances you would like diagnosed.

(check or credit card).